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MPZ_rational Class Reference

#include <mpz_rational.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MPZ_rational ()
 MPZ_rational (mpz_class a, mpz_class b)
 MPZ_rational (mpz_class a)
 MPZ_rational (const int &i)
 MPZ_rational (string szRational)
bool isInteger () const
bool isCOInteger () const
bool operator>= (int const &) const
bool operator== (int const &) const
bool operator== (MPZ_rational const &) const
bool operator== (mpz_class const &) const
bool operator!= (MPZ_rational const &) const
MPZ_rationaloperator= (long int)
MPZ_rational operator+ (MPZ_rational const &n) const
MPZ_rationaloperator+= (MPZ_rational const &n)
MPZ_rational operator- (MPZ_rational const &n) const
void opp (MPZ_rational *&_c) const
MPZ_rationaloperator-= (MPZ_rational const &n)
MPZ_rational operator* (MPZ_rational const &n) const
MPZ_rationaloperator*= (MPZ_rational const &n)
MPZ_rational operator/ (MPZ_rational const &n) const
MPZ_rationaloperator/= (MPZ_rational const &n)
void print (ostream &) const
string to_string () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Number_template
virtual bool operator== (Number_template const &) const
virtual bool operator!= (Number_template const &) const
virtual Number_template operator+ (Number_template const &n) const
virtual Number_templateoperator+= (Number_template const &n)
virtual Number_template operator- (Number_template const &n) const
virtual Number_templateoperator-= (Number_template const &n)
virtual Number_template operator* (Number_template const &n) const
virtual Number_templateoperator*= (Number_template const &n)
virtual Number_template operator/ (Number_template const &n) const
virtual Number_templateoperator/= (Number_template const &n)

Public Attributes

mpz_class a
mpz_class b
- Public Attributes inherited from Number_template
bool isZero
bool isMinusOne
bool isOne
bool isInt

Private Member Functions

void update ()
 Met à jour les attributs (gcd, isInt, ...) More...

Detailed Description

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MPZ_rational::MPZ_rational ( )
MPZ_rational::MPZ_rational ( mpz_class  a,
mpz_class  b 
MPZ_rational::MPZ_rational ( mpz_class  a)
MPZ_rational::MPZ_rational ( const int &  i)
MPZ_rational::MPZ_rational ( string  szRational)

Member Function Documentation

bool MPZ_rational::isCOInteger ( ) const
bool MPZ_rational::isInteger ( ) const
bool MPZ_rational::operator!= ( MPZ_rational const &  n) const
MPZ_rational MPZ_rational::operator* ( MPZ_rational const &  n) const
MPZ_rational & MPZ_rational::operator*= ( MPZ_rational const &  n)
MPZ_rational MPZ_rational::operator+ ( MPZ_rational const &  n) const
MPZ_rational & MPZ_rational::operator+= ( MPZ_rational const &  n)
MPZ_rational MPZ_rational::operator- ( MPZ_rational const &  n) const
MPZ_rational & MPZ_rational::operator-= ( MPZ_rational const &  n)
MPZ_rational MPZ_rational::operator/ ( MPZ_rational const &  n) const
MPZ_rational & MPZ_rational::operator/= ( MPZ_rational const &  n)
MPZ_rational & MPZ_rational::operator= ( long int  i)
bool MPZ_rational::operator== ( int const &  ) const
bool MPZ_rational::operator== ( MPZ_rational const &  n) const
bool MPZ_rational::operator== ( mpz_class const &  ) const
bool MPZ_rational::operator>= ( int const &  ) const
void MPZ_rational::opp ( MPZ_rational *&  _c) const
void MPZ_rational::print ( ostream &  o) const

Reimplemented from Number_template.

string MPZ_rational::to_string ( ) const
MPZ_rational::update ( )

Met à jour les attributs (gcd, isInt, ...)

Member Data Documentation

mpz_class MPZ_rational::a
mpz_class MPZ_rational::b

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