CoxIter  1.2
CoxIter - Computing invariants of hyperbolic Coxeter groups
Class Hierarchy

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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CAppMain class for the application
 CArithmeticityThis class tests the arithmeticity of a graph which has no dotted edge and which is non-cocompact. It uses Vinberg's criteria
 CCoxIterMain class for the work
 CGBDGal, Bonnafé-Dyer This part is still experimental!
 CGraphThis class represents one graph
 CGraphsListListe des graphes
 CGraphsListIteratorPermet de parcourir une liste de graphes Utilisation (pour un GraphsList *gl )
GraphsListIterator iter( gl );
 CGraphsListNListe des graphes d'une taille donnée
 CGraphsProduct: Un produit de graphs
 CGrowthRateTo compute the growth rate
 CRational< T >